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Are You Visiting your Vacation Home for the Park City Food and Wine Classic? If so, We Can Help!

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The 4th of July and the Park City Food and Wine Classic is right around the corner, and many vacationers are flooding to the area. Now that summer is here, Park City will be filled with outdoor activities. Many will be coming to their vacation home for the beautiful summer weather in Park City. St. John’s Property Management will ready your vacation home so that you can arrive and start enjoying your trip, without the added hassles of small errands and services. No one wants to arrive and need to do menial tasks like stopping by the grocery store or restocking the bar. That is where we come in. Our team is fully insured and ready to make your trip stress free.

St. John’s Property Management provides a wide range of vacation property and concierge services for your arrival. As a concierge service, we provide many unique amenities for you and your family. Our team can be a lifesaver when you are trying to plan your vacation and need your home ready for when you arrive. From picking you and your family up at the airport to refueling your vehicle, we will handle it all. Some of the great arrival services we provide include:

  • Check Pool and Spa Temperatures
  • Spa and Pool Maintenance
  • Stock Basic Food Items from Your List
  • Bar Stocking
  • Maid Services
  • Lawn Services
  • Pickup and Drop off to Airport
  • Vehicle Wash/Fill Services
  • Minor Household Tasks
  • Trash Pickup

Above are some of our more sought-after services. If you need a concierge service not listed, give us a call. Our expert team will work with you on any services you may need during your trip. Whether it be trash pickup or minor household chores, our team has you covered. We also provide excellent information on activities in and around the Park City area. Just ask!

Property Management and Upkeep Made Easy!

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Do you own a vacation or second home in Park City? If you answered yes, St. John’s Property Management is here to help you keep the exterior and interior of your property up to standard. The professional team at St. John’s provides essential property management services in addition to concierge services. Our team is ready to help you with whatever you may need to keep your vacation home prepared for your next trip.

What type of Property Management Services to Your Offer?

St. John’s Property Management is not your run-of-the-mill property management company. Our team provides concierge services to ensure your Park City vacation home is ready for your arrival. We also make sure it is taken care of after your departure. Below are some of our excellent services:

  • Arrival Inspections
  • Check Pool and Spa Temps
  • Check Firewood
  • Stock Basic Food Items
  • Check Refrigerators
  • Pick up Mail
  • Check Inside Temps
  • Check Breaker Panels
  • Check Hot water
  • Ensure Lawn Is Maintained
  • Ensure Home is sprayed for Bugs
  • Confirm Maid Services
  • Remove Garbage
  • Secure all Windows and Interior Access Points
  • Check for Snow Removal
  • Check House Perimeter
  • Check For Vandalism

Above are our core services. If you are in need of a specific service for your Park City vacation home, let us know. We work hard to ensure all of our client’s needs are met. St. John’s is committed to making your vacation home property management and upkeep easy and stress-free!

Why Should I Trust a Property Management Company?

Our team has over 20 years of property management experience. We are not only bonded but also insured. We take pride in each home and treat it as if it were our own. We have a strict privacy policy and high ethical standards. You can quickly check our reviews and decide for yourself if we are the right choice for you. We guarantee your satisfaction and know that once you try our services, you will never go back.

Need Help While Renting Your Vacation Home?

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Park City is an active tourist spot year-round. If you are like countless people, you own a vacation home in the region. What happens to your vacation spot when you are back at home working? Is it sitting during the year without maintenance, waiting for your family to come back at vacation time? Having a vacation home ready and waiting is great, but what if you rented it out to other vacationers? Many people have begun to rent their vacation properties out to vacationers from other states throughout the year. Of course, there are pros and cons to this experience, but the biggest benefit you can have is using St. John’s Property Management.

What Will a Property Management Company to for Me?

Having a property management company working for you makes life so much easier. St. John’s Property Management not only handles the upkeep of your property, but we also offer concierge services for the interior of your vacation home. If you choose to rent out your vacation home on a regular basis, our expert team will work with you to ensure your property stays looking great. Once the guest leaves, we will go into your home and check the thermostats, pool or spa, and work with professional home cleaning services and exterior cleanup.

Is it Difficult to Rent out My Vacation Home?

The answer is NO! You can easily rent out your Park City home while being miles away without having to lift a finger. Our job at St. John’s is to ensure the exterior and interior of your vacation home stays looking great. If you decide to rent out your home, give us a call. We work with all types of homes and provide numerous services for our Park City clients. Our team offers a broad range of services to fit your needs–guaranteed.