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Don’t Worry About a Thing: The Benefits of Home Watch and Property Management Services

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Having an additional property for vacations or rental purposes is exciting. Whether you own additional real estate for extra income or a quiet getaway, the most common worry among owners is  what may happen while they are not around. The same is true for homeowners who go on vacation. There’s a constant, nagging worry in the back of your head about the many little things that need to be taken care of. Hiring a professional home watch company will alleviate the stress of wondering about your investment in your absence. Here are five ways that a home watch company like St. John’s Property Management reduces your worry.

Snow Removal

Beautiful, beautiful snow in Park City is also a big pain for properties and homes. Property management companies can plow and remove snow to ensure that your property remains beautiful and water-damage free. In addition to snow removal, home watch companies will ensure that the snow has not caused any interior damages, such as leaks or basement flooding.

Mail and Package Pickup

A common way that people know when a house is unoccupied is when newspapers, mail, and packages stack up. There has also been a significant increase in package theft over the past few years as online ordering has continued to increase in popularity. While it’s a good idea to schedule these deliveries when someone is home, it isn’t always possible. Rely on a property management company to take care of these tasks, ensuring that your mail and packages are secure.

Bill Pay

If you will be away from your property for several weeks, you can reduce your stresses further by allowing a property management company to pay some of your standard bills, such as water, electricity, and cable services. This is a great idea, especially if you will be out of the country or enjoying a vacation away from the area. A property management company can take care of those minor details for you!

Plant Care

Plants are easily forgotten. However, during the winter months, they require special care. St. John’s Property Management helps with winter plant care. We will water and care for interior and exterior plants, or, if more specialized care is needed, we will communicate with a landscaping company to ensure your plants are protected throughout the winter.

Firewood Purchasing and Stacking 

If you will be returning to your Park City property during the colder months, don’t forget to request firewood! Our property management company can purchase and stack your firewood so that it is perfectly ready for a roaring fire upon your arrival.

Property Management and Winter Storms: How to Protect Your Investment

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January and February in Park City can bring the toughest winter storms in Utah. If you own a vacation home or another property requiring attention during your absence, the occurrence of a winter storm can cause stress and worry. You may be thousands of miles away, wondering if the storm has caused water damage or a leaky roof. How can you best protect your investment when you are miles away? Hiring an effective property management company is the best answer. Here are some ways in which a property manager can help you survive winter storm stress.

1.  Property management companies watch the forecasts

From small showers to blinding blizzards, a good property management company is aware of any potential winter weather coming to the Park City area that may affect your property. They will take appropriate steps to ensure that your property is as protected as possible.

2. They are proactive

St. John’s Property Management will do a full inspection of the property, identifying any potential areas of concern, before a severe storm. They will rectify any trouble areas before the bad weather occurs to minimize any potential damage.

3. They are reactive

Property management companies should also be on-site, inspecting your property as soon as it is safe to do so. It is important that companies go to your property soon after a winter storm in case of water or wind damages.

4. They communicate

St. John’s Property Management communicates with you before and after severe weather. At your request, your property manager should contact you to discuss the details of any preventative maintenance that your property received before a severe winter storm hits the area. After the storm, you should receive further information that your property emerged from the storm unscathed or suffered damage.

Your property management company should provide these services no matter the size of your property, how often you visit, or how far away you reside. St. John’s Property Management shows you that they care through constant communication and action during worrisome winter storms.

Winter Storms and Your Second Home

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Winter is upon us and so is the snow. With snow can come damages to your Park City home. It can be stressful when you live states away and can’t physically check your vacation home. St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch offer home inspections for your second home. Our team is dedicated to fully taking care of your second home. Our team will check your home on a regular basis to ensure your home is not damaged in any way.

Home Checks

Our experienced team will check your home to ensure there is no snow buildup on your roof and that there are no damages from winter storms. We do weekly home checks and will check up on your home after a winter storm to make sure there are no damages.

Snowplow Services

St. John’s Property Management will arrange snowplow services for your vacation home. We will make sure your home is clear from snow and ready for you to arrive and enjoy your stay. You shouldn’t have to worry about snowplowing when you are on vacation. Our team will guarantee you are taken care of.

Firewood Purchasing 

If we know you are arriving at your vacation home, we will purchase firewood, and have it stacked for your arrival. We will also set the thermostat, stock your home, and bar with the list you provide. If you need another service, our team will work with you to provide the proper services.

With St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch you will never have to worry about your vacation home again. Our team will take care of your vacation home, just like it is one of our own. We want you to have the best trip possible in Park City. If you need a service you don’t see listed on our site, give us a call.

Holiday Decorating and Concierge Services

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The Holidays are upon us and it is time for holiday lighting and decorating. Decorating your Park City second home can be easy. There is no need for you to stress about the Holidays and you arriving to your vacation home, needing to decorate for your festivities. St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch Services provides holiday decorating and lighting as we are a concierge offering many specialized services. We know the importance of your vacation time and want you to have the best time possible. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us to handle your holiday lighting and decorating.

We Install Exterior and Interior Holiday Lighting

Our team is experienced in both exterior and interior holiday lighting. Why wait till you arrive in Park City to do your Holiday lighting? With our concierge lighting services, you can arrive at your home and see it beautifully decorated inside and out. This will make the beginning of your vacation memorable.

We Will Decorate the Inside of Your Home for You

Arriving at your vacation home and needing to decorate can really put a damper on your trip. The team at St. John’s will decorate the exterior and the interior of your Park City home. When you arrive, your home will be decorated and ready for you to celebrate with your family and friends.

We have the Proper Experience to Make Your Vacation Memorable 

St. John’s has the experience to ensure your vacation to your second home is memorable. Holiday decorating is something to be enjoyed and cherished; we will make sure your vacation home looks beautiful. Our team will also make sure you have firewood, the thermostat is set, and that the snow is cleared from your driveway and roof. Our number one job is to please our clients and we guarantee you will love all of our wonderful services.

It is Time to Ski! Do you have Property Management for your Vacation Home?

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Park City is known for its many ski resorts and many own second homes so that they can enjoy their vacation in the comfort of home. However, it takes a lot to maintain a second home, especially when it is in a different state. How do people manage their homes, while living miles or states away? Most people hire a property management and home watch company such as St. John’s. St. John’s is the number one choice in Park City for property management.

What Exactly is Property Management and Home Watch?

It is basically what you think it means, but when you choose St. John’s, you get special concierge treatment.  Having a second home in a different state can be nerve-racking. Is your home okay? Has the snow been plowed for your arrival? Is the temperature set so that pipes don’t freeze? Do you have firewood for when you arrive? Is your bar stocked? These are all legitimate questions that you should be worried about. With St. John’s you will never have to worry about it. We offer complete home watch services where we will do the following weekly:

  • Check the Exterior and Interior of Home
  • Check Temperature
  • Pickup Mail
  • Check Refrigerator and Hot Water
  • Check for Snow Loads
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Check for Storm Damages
  • Check Perimeter of Home

We also offer Special Concierge Services such as:

  • Holiday Lights and Decorating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airport Vehicle Drop Off
  • Snowplowing Services
  • Bar/Food Stocking
  • Maid Services
  • Trash Removal
  • Firewood Purchasing

Above are just some of our concierge services. If you own a Park City or surrounding area home, check with us for all our remarkable services. We want to make sure your trip to Park City is memorable and stress-free. With our expert staff, we guarantee you will be able to relax and enjoy your trip without the hassle of chores.

Winter in Park City – Vacation Home Prep!

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Winter is almost here! For Park City, that means vacationing. Many people flock to their vacation home as winter sets in and snow arrives. It is the perfect time for skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying the countless winter activities that can be found in Park City. Preparing your vacation home should not be one of those activities. You are coming to Park City for your vacation, not to do chores for half your stay. This is where St. John’s Property Management comes in to play. Our expert staff offers a wide range of services to ensure your vacation is perfect. From basic home prep to more extensive concierge services, we have your Park City vacation home covered.

What Can St. John’s Do for You?!

St. John’s Property Management is not your regular home management company. Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure your vacation home is up to your standards and that your trip is a memorable one. Some of the great services we offer include:

  • Basic Food and Bar Stocking
  • Firewood Stocking
  • Confirmation of Cable and Satellite Services
  • Snowmelt System Checks
  • Thermostat Set on your Desired Temperature
  • Check that Snow is Removed
  • Ensure Your Car Is Cleaned and Filled with Gas
  • Switch Tires on Your Vehicle
  • Trash Pickup Services
  • Maid Services
  • Holiday Lighting and Decorating Services

Our goal is to make sure your vacation to Park City is memorable. We handle the not so fun chores, while you enjoy your day skiing, enjoying the nightlife, relaxing by the fire, or shopping!

Once your vacation is over, we will make sure trash is removed, the home is cleaned, and that the interior and exterior is checked on a regular basis, per your instructions. The best part of using St. John’s is the hassle-free vacation that you and your family can enjoy. Why wait in lines for hours or worry about your home when you leave? That is our job!

Concierge Services for Your Second Home

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Winter is coming and it is time to enjoy your second home. Park City is full of Winter activities and we know you want to arrive and hit the slopes. However, arriving at your second home after a long hiatus can come with a variety of problems. From an empty bar to no firewood, arriving at your vacation home and needing to clean or get groceries can put a damper on your trip. This is why St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch Services offer concierge services to second home owners in and around the Park City area.

What Interior Concierge Services Does St. John’s Provide?

Luckily for our clients, we offer a wide variety of home services. It is hard when you live in another state and want to come to your second home on vacation, but know that you will have to do a list of things on arrival. With St. John’s you don’t have to! The team at St. John’s is happy to provide services that will make your life a little easier. We will do the following to help you enjoy your stay:

  • Bring Vehicle to Airport
  • Check your Snowmelt Systems
  • Check Firewood Supplies
  • Check Pool and Spa Temps
  • Check your Internal Temps
  • Stock Basic Food Items
  • Stock Bar
  • Gas up Your Car
  • Maid Services
  • Snow Removal 

There is no need to arrive and start cleaning or running errands.  That is what you have St. John’s Property Management for. Your job is to enjoy your vacation. We will deal with the boring errands and chores. With over 20 years’ experience, it is no surprise that our clients love our services. If you need a service not listed, let us know. Our job is to make your arrival and departure as easy and stress- free as possible.

Fall Cleanup for Your Vacation Home

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Fall has arrived and so has the need for exterior fall cleanup. We know you may be away from your Park City vacation home, but that is why St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch Services offer special concierge services. We are here to make sure your vacation home is ready for your next skiing adventure.

What Will St. John’s Do for You?

St. John’s Property Management takes pride in the homes we take care of. We know you will want to visit this Fall and Winter, so our team will ensure your maintenance is handled. Our team will schedule your fall maintenance and ensure it is completed. Below are some of the options we offer:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Tree Pruning
  • Snow Removal
  • Winterize Your Home

St. John’s Will Handle your Interior Maintenance

Our team will make sure your home is ready for your Winter arrival. We will make sure the temperature is set to your liking and that the snow is shoveled from around your home. Below are some of the other services we will provide.

  • Inspect All Rooms
  • Check the Hot Water
  • Make Sure all Electrical Systems are Working
  • Check Your Firewood Supply
  • Confirm Satellite or Cable Services are Working
  • Check Spa or Pool Temps
  • Stock Basic Food Items from Your List
  • Make Sure Your Home is Clean and Ready for Your Arrival

Our team is dedicated to our clients. We want to make sure your trip to your vacation home goes as seamless as possible. If you need a service, not on our list, give us a call. Our team will work with you to accommodate your requests. We want you to enjoy your Fall or Winter trip to your vacation home without the hassle of setting up your home when you arrive. We will go above and beyond to make your trip perfect!

Renovations and Repairs: How a Property Management Company can Save you Time and Effort

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St. John’s Property Management is the number one choice for Park City property management. We have received several positive reviews online about our abilities in terms of renovations and repairs. This month, we offer an inside look into how a certified property management company should properly handle home maintenance and repairs.

If it’s broken, fix it. 

Any property management company should perform regular inspections of the home or property no matter if the owner is scheduled to arrive or not. Regular inspections sometimes uncover an area in need of repairs, such as a hot water heater or malfunctioning refrigerator. St. John’s Property Management handles all of these services so that everything is always in working condition when you visit. From pool filtration systems to roofing repairs, we check everything for absolute perfection. We handle all types of repairs, whether for common maintenance or unusual occurrences. Some of the areas that we check regularly are:

  • Pools/spas
  • Windows
  • Mechanical room systems
  • Heating/Cooling systems
  • Electric Breaker Panels
  • Refrigeration
  • Exterior areas

Ready for a change?

If you just recently acquired a vacation or second home in Park City and want to make changes, St. John’s Property Management is the right choice. Similarly, if you are simply tired of your current home design and want an upgrade, we have you covered. Any good property management company will oversee renovations to eliminate worry and stress for the owner. However, we are a GREAT property management company. Not only do we oversee renovations, but we consistently communicate with you on its progress, ensuring that you receive exactly what you want. While we don’t perform the renovations themselves, here’s how we ensure their success:

  • Working with contractors
  • Maintaining renovation timelines
  • Updating the owner on status
  • Ensuring home security during the renovation process

Whether you need maintenance or improvements, all you have to do is make one phone call to St. John’s. We completely take care of the rest so that every time you visit, everything is perfect, ready for you and your family to have a relaxing, enjoyable time.

The Ins and Outs of Property Management

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St. John’s Property Management Company is a full-service company that takes complete care of the interior and exterior of your vacation or second home. A common misconception is that property management companies take care of your home only in your absence. That’s not true with St. John’s Property Management. We are available for you and your needs around the year, whether you are on location or not. lawn

In Town?

If you are coming into town for a vacation, we take care of everything for you. By the time you arrive, your home will be completely functional. Your pool will be a sparkling blue and waiting for you to dive in. Your pantry will be stocked. In short, you’ll have no details left to contend with, leaving you to enjoy your time in beautiful Park City. All you have to do is tell us what your date of arrival will be and we will handle the rest!

Out of Town?

There is nothing to worry about during your absence from your Park City home. St. John’s Property Management regularly checks and updates you on the status of your property. From seasonal checks to regular lawn maintenance, routine tasks are all handled by St. John’s. If you are away from your property, put your trust in us. We provide you with regular updates on your property and perform security checks to ensure that your home is protected even when you are not around.

Communication and Details

No matter if you are in town or out of town, we are always on-call for you. We believe in the importance of reliable communication. We also provide you with detailed inspection information consistently. We have heard horror stories from our valued clients about property management companies who would not return phone calls or perform regular checks. We believe in the importance of communication and value your input. After all, you have to be able to trust a company that is taking care of your investment!