St. John’s Property Management is the number one choice for Park City property management. We have received several positive reviews online about our abilities in terms of renovations and repairs. This month, we offer an inside look into how a certified property management company should properly handle home maintenance and repairs.

If it’s broken, fix it. 

Any property management company should perform regular inspections of the home or property no matter if the owner is scheduled to arrive or not. Regular inspections sometimes uncover an area in need of repairs, such as a hot water heater or malfunctioning refrigerator. St. John’s Property Management handles all of these services so that everything is always in working condition when you visit. From pool filtration systems to roofing repairs, we check everything for absolute perfection. We handle all types of repairs, whether for common maintenance or unusual occurrences. Some of the areas that we check regularly are:

  • Pools/spas
  • Windows
  • Mechanical room systems
  • Heating/Cooling systems
  • Electric Breaker Panels
  • Refrigeration
  • Exterior areas

Ready for a change?

If you just recently acquired a vacation or second home in Park City and want to make changes, St. John’s Property Management is the right choice. Similarly, if you are simply tired of your current home design and want an upgrade, we have you covered. Any good property management company will oversee renovations to eliminate worry and stress for the owner. However, we are a GREAT property management company. Not only do we oversee renovations, but we consistently communicate with you on its progress, ensuring that you receive exactly what you want. While we don’t perform the renovations themselves, here’s how we ensure their success:

  • Working with contractors
  • Maintaining renovation timelines
  • Updating the owner on status
  • Ensuring home security during the renovation process

Whether you need maintenance or improvements, all you have to do is make one phone call to St. John’s. We completely take care of the rest so that every time you visit, everything is perfect, ready for you and your family to have a relaxing, enjoyable time.