Are you ready to return to Park City? Are you stressing about getting your vacation home ready? Let St. John’s Property Management handle your vacation home prep. Our team provides you with the finest in vacation home preparation services. We know you are ready to relax with you arrive in Park City. Our dedicated staff will have your home ready for your arrival. We know how important a welcoming home is and our staff will provide you the best. Below are some of the countless concierge services we offer our clients.

Before your arrival our team will do the following:

  • Clean Interior of Your Home
  • Ensure Exterior is Maintained 
  • Set Thermostat
  • Confirm Cable or Satellite Services
  • Check Spa and Pool Temperatures
  • Open Window Treatments
  • Check Firewood
  • Stock Basic Food Items From Your List

We offer a variety of services for our clients. If you need a customized service, our team will work with you to provide you with the services you need.

Why Use a Concierge Service?

The answer is easy! For your convenience and peace of mind. Between flights, family, and activities, you have enough on your plate. You don’t have time to think about what time the grocery store closes.  When you are on vacation, you don’t want to worry about the little stuff. You want to be pampered. St. John’s Property Management will prepare your vacation home for your arrival. You won’t have to come into a home that hasn’t been touched since your last visit. We will adjust the temperature, clean the home, ensure the lawn is cut and maintained, stock your fridge, and set the temp on your pool or spa. You will be able to arrive and immediately begin enjoying yourself, instead of worrying about the groceries or how hot it is in your home.