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“St. John’s Property Management is the best in home management services for the Park City and surrounding areas.”

We provide concierge services for Park City and surrounding cities


St. John’s Property Management is the best in home management services for the Park City and surrounding areas. Our highly experienced staff offers services for estates, primary, vacation, and even vacant, or rental homes. If you are looking for a service that will offer your security inspections, home maintenance, management, and concierge services, give us a call today. We are proud to offer these services at a very reasonable rate.

Our Services

The Park City area is beautiful and has a lot of activities at different times of the year. Many people have a vacation or second home in the area. For those people, St. John’s Property Management can be a lifesaver. We offer a wide range of customized services to our home owners. We also offer concierge services. Below are some of the great services we offer:

Arrival Inspection
  • Confirm Satellite/cable services
  • Check snowmelt systems
  • Open window treatments
  • Reset clocks
  • Check pool and spa temperature
  • Check firewood supply
  • Stock basic food items (from client’s list-client to pay for grocery items)
Exterior Inspection
  • Confirm maid service after departure
  • Open shower doors/steam/sauna
  • Remove perishable foods
  • Lower temperature in home (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Remove garbage (owner garbage service)
  • Secure all window
  • Secure interior access

Property Management

Property management consists of many services. St. John’s Property Management offers customized services for the Park City and surrounding areas. If you need any type of property management, give us a call today. Below are just some of the management options we offer:


Weekly Secure Inspection

Interior Inspection
  • Check mechanical room systems
  • Check electric breaker panel
  • Check internal temperature
  • Confirm telephone service
  • Inspection of all rooms
  • Check refrigeration
  • Check hot water
  • Pick up mail
  • Flush traps
Exterior Inspection
  • Confirm that irrigation is working
  • Check excessive snow loads
  • Confirm lawn is maintained
  • Check for animal entrance
  • Check for storm damage
  • Check house perimeter
  • Secure exterior access
  • Check spa and pools
  • Check for vandalism
We provide estate management service for Park City, Utah and surrounding cities.