Park City is popular year-round. With skiing in the winter to hiking, kayaking, and fishing in the summer, there are always activities. It is no surprise that many have vacation homes in Park City. When you leave your vacation home and head back to the work grind, who is taking care of your second home? You may think that no one needs to look after it, as it is locked up and will be fine until you return. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch Services has some tips to why a property management team is perfect for your vacation home. Once you leave, anything could happen.

What Could Go Wrong?

  • Animals such as Squirrels Can Easily Get into Your Home and Leave Devastating Results
  • Pipes Could Freeze During the Winter 
  • Trees or Limbs Could Fall on Your Home During a Storm
  • Plumbing Could Break because of Renters
  • Hot Water Heaters Could Break, causing a Home to Flood
  • Break-Ins or Theft

These are all issues that could happen while you are back at home working. If you have a home watch service, you do not have to worry about any of the above. The team in Park City will handle all problems and contact you in the case of an issue. It is a lot more stressful to return to your vacation home and have a flooded house or an animal infestation. Our job is to ensure your home stays safe and looks great when you are ready to return.

Property Management

Property management companies work with vacation homeowners to ensure their home is maintained while they are away. This is accomplished through regular maintenance, lawn maintenance, and walkthroughs. The team will also provide services to help with your arrival to your vacation home. From stocking your home with groceries to changing the oil in your car, property management services are endless. By working directly with our clients, we provide the best experience possible so that you can enjoy your vacation home without worrying about the trivial things.