Making sure your home is secure is a primary concern of any homeowner. Think about the precautions you take when taking the family on vacation. You make sure your home is secure, and typically you inform your neighbors of your departure and have them keep an eye on your home. When you have a second home, chances are that home will stay vacant more often than your primary home. Simply locking your door and relying on an often busy neighbor to check up on your second home is not the best way to protect your investment. Instead of just leaving that home vacant, its best to hire a home watch service, such as St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch Services. Below are a few reasons why hiring a home watch service is a good idea for your second home, especially in the Park City area.

1. Weather Damage

Park City is known for its amazing winters! Along with that harsh winter comes the potential for several weather related damages to your home. Often times, these damages can start small, and be easily prevented, as long as they are caught early. For example, if an ice dam is forming on your roof, it can be removed before any damage occurs to the roof. Another example is water damage. This can be caused due to frozen or broken pipes, among other things. Having a home watch service such as St. John’s will ensure that any potential weather damages are identified and prevented prior to any real damage happening.

2. Faulty Electrical Systems and Failed Appliances

Imagine leaving your home for a few weeks in the summer. You lock up and are on your merry way, but unknown to you, the air conditioner stops working during your time away and you come back to a rancid smelling, damaged home. This is all too common.
We often see serious damage to homes resulting from faulty wiring and failed appliances. Faulty or old wiring, or misuse of extension cords in homes, can lead to fires. Power surges can cause appliances to fail resulting in problems ranging from basement flooding, home security systems going down and other more serious damage.
It’s not always possible to prevent these issues, but having a professional home watch service on the job may be the difference between damage to your home or complete disaster. At St. John’s, we have a complete checklist of items we keep an eye on for your property. This attention to detail will ensure your home remaining safe, even when you are not there.

3. Pest Intrusion and Infestation

When you get to your second home after a long time away, the last thing you want to walk into is a pest infestation. Park City has its share of pests, from the small, to very large, and St. John’s knows exactly what warning signs to look for to help identify a pest infestation, from bugs, to moose. We will make sure that any pests are properly dealt with, so you can enjoy your second home, without the worry of annoying pests scurrying around.
These are just three examples of common problems we find on our home watch inspections. There are many other potential risks you must consider when leaving any property unattended for an extended period of time. The easiest solution is to hire a home watch service. If your second home is in the Park City area, call St. John’s Property Management and Home Watch Services today.